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Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Brunch is one of my favorite meals to entertain with, so this weekend I invited all of my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding over so everyone could get to know each other. Besides the obligatory bagels and cream cheese I decided to add in some brunch style hors d'oeuvres.

On the menu:
  •  two types of mini egg white frittatas (caramelized onion with aged cheddar and spinach, cherry tomato and goat cheese)
  • mini Belgian waffles with maple pears and whipped cream
  • yogurt, honey and berry parfaits
  • brie and fig tarts
  • potato crisps with dill cream and smoked salmon

one of the buffet tables

fritattas and fruit salad

    Here is the recipe for the most popular item of the day:

    Potato Crisps with Dill Cream and Smoked Salmon 
    Makes about 40 hors d'oeuvres
    • 2 baking potatoes, skin on, scrubbed and cleaned
    • 2 Tbsp. vegetable oil
    • 1 tsp. each salt and pepper
    • 1 Cup of sour cream
    • the zest of 1 lemon
    • 2 Tbsp. dill, chopped
    • 150g. package of smoked salmon, cut into strips
    1. Preheat the oven to 450 degrees

    2. Using a mandolin or a sharp knife slice the potatoes into slices about 1/4 inch thick

    3. In a large mixing bowl toss the potato slices with the oil, salt and pepper

    4. Place the potato slices on a baking sheet, lined with aluminum foil that has also been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray

    5. Place the potatoes in the oven and bake for 20 minutes until starting to brown.

    6. Meanwhile, in a small mixing bowl, mix the sour cream with the lemon zest and dill, set aside.

    7. Remove the potatoes from the oven and let cool. 
    8. Once cooled, place the potato slices on a serving platter, top each potato with a small amount of the sour cream mixture and then with a strip of smoked salmon
    9. Garnish with some more chopped dill and serve.

    * The potato crisps and the dill cream can be made the day before, and stored in the refrigerator, just make sure to bring the potatoes to room temperature before serving


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