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Monday, November 2, 2009

Favorite Products: Sriracha Sauce

I thought I would make my first favorite product blog on one of my favorite condiments; Sriracha hot chili sauce.

I'm sure you've seen this familiar bottle of hot sauce with the green lid in your local grocery store. For those of you who've wondered what it is, I am here to explain. This hot chili sauce stems from Thailand and has a nice spicy flavour, without being too powerful, mixed with a touch of sweetness and a nice garlicky tang. I literally use it on and in everything. Try it as is on your pizza or to jazz up your scrambled eggs or mix it with mayo to make a spicy dip for sweet potato fries or grilled shrimp. I actually discovered this hot sauce at a Chinese restaurant in China town, when they served it as a dipping sauce for cashews, I know it sounds weird, but trust me try it.

If you haven't tried this versatile hot sauce, do so now, you won't be disappointed!!!


zelda said...

Totally addictive!!!

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