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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Party Time!!!

My 4th annual Halloween bash took place this weekend, and was great!

Here are some pictures of some of the food served at the party, feel free to contact me for a recipe if you're interested:

Orange and Black Candy Table

Ghost Cakes

Ghost Cake (close up)

Dirt n' Worms (chocolate mousse, cookie crumbs, gummy worms)

Congealed Blood Shots (vodka jello shots with red corn syrup rim)

Halloween Cupcakes

Witch Fingers and Spider Webs (cookies)

Flesh and Blood Clots (mango, peaches, mandarin oranges, raspberries and pomegranate)

The Dessert Table

Severed Hands (hand shaped crostini with roasted red pepper goat cheese)

Halloween Quesadillas

Witch's Hair (pesto and sundried tomato pasta salad)

Witch's Brew (cheese spinach and artichoke dip)

Pumpkin Patch (crudite platter)

Brain (hummus with roasted red peppers)

Some items that I made but didn't manage to get a picture of were; bandaged fingers (pigs in a blanket), bloody bones (honey bbq chicken wings), shrunken heads (mini pizzas), and sweet potato fingers (sweet potato fries served in black take out boxes).

Looking forward to Halloween 2010!!!


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