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Monday, January 4, 2010

Who Cut the Cheese?

Attention fellow cheese lovers of Toronto!!! If you haven't been there already, you MUST check out the Cheese Boutique. Located just south of Bloor West village, this store is full to the brim with yummy goodness. Besides their amazing variety of cheese, the store is also home to a fabulous selection of produce, meats, deli, baked goods and more gourmet condiments and products then one can imagine.

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The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and ready and willing to give you their cheese recommendations. I visited the store for my first time this past weekend. After admiring the store for almost an hour, my mother and I headed over to the cheese counter, where a very helpful staff member helped recommend some cheeses. After tasting many samples, we had to make some decisions. Here is what we ended up with:
  • Truffled Brie: Ontario brie, butterflied and filled with shaved, fresh Italian truffles and homemade truffle honey
  • Masterchoice Beemster: Limited edition cheese made from summer cow's milk and than aged in-house for 3 years.
  • Le Lingot Chevre: Soft, handmade, artisanal  goat cheese from the Quercy region of France.
  • Brezain: From the French Alps, a Hickory smoked, semi hard cheese made from cow's milk.
With some more recommendations from the staff we also walked out with a loaf of their store made walnut, raisin loaf and some freshly sliced prosciutto to enjoy with our cheese. With our mouths salivating we headed home to enjoy a wonderful dinner of cheese and of course some wine.

our delicious spread of cheese

If you are planning on having a wine and cheese dinner of your own, definitely head over the Cheese Boutique, you wont be disappointed.


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